Disney Springs and Resorts

The Walt Disney World parks obviously have a lot to offer but its important to remember that there is so much more to offer outside of the parks.

Disney Springs formerly known as Downtown Disney is new and improved. This past week I spent a great amount of time shopping and eating in Disney Springs. It is possible to spend a weekend in the Disney Resort and have the Disney experience without going into the actual parks. There are 52 dining locations, 107 stores, and 13 entertainment venues. With this many possibilities the opportunities are endless. The space is clean, open, and walkable.

The Disney resorts also have hidden gems among them. Several of the resorts offer things for both their guest staying there and non-guests who would like to use their facilities. Spas, recreation services, and dining options are just a few of the things Disney Resorts offer.

Dressing for Disney

In order to do Disney right you have to dress right. Style is important but so is comfort for a long day at Disney.

Women- Tank top or T-shirt with shorts or athletic pants and sneakers are the perfect thing for a day where you know you’ll be riding lots of rides. If you plan on having a more leisurely day you could get away with wearing a sundress and comfortable sandals plus you’ll look great in pictures.

Men- T-shirt and Shorts with sneakers are the go to for men. You can’t go wrong with this type of outfit.

Children- T-shirt and Shorts with Sneakers and a change of clothing or swimsuit is advised especially if your kids want to go on water rides. Make sure their shoulders are covered as well cause with long lines outside sunburns can happen easily.

Other- Some important things to bring/wear to Disney besides your basic clothing are Sunglasses, Hats, Sunscreen, Small Backpack and Ponchos. People often forget to bring these items along and they can be expensive in or around the parks. During the fall and winter months a sweatshirt would great to have in the evenings.

Happy Holidays from Disney World

Disney has a lot to offer year round especially when Holidays are happening. This week’s blog is about the holiday celebrations you can expect around the year. Everything is transformed to go with the theme of the season.

In the month of October Disney celebrates Halloween to the fullest. The offer a evening party practically everyday of the week known as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Here kids can trick or treat around the park in a safe and fun environment. There is even a castle show and special parade just for the party. You have to purchase a separate ticket to get into the park for the party but it is well worth the extra cost.

Overnight from Thanksgiving into Christmas season the parks and resorted are changed into a winter wonderland. The most beautiful trees and fake snow cover the parks. Also every year at the beginning of December ABC films the Disney World Christmas parade and special. There are guest performers and special fireworks shows to celebrate the best time of the year.

In the spring Epcot has a special season long event known as the Garden Festival. Shrubberies are transformed into beloved Disney characters! The park is absolutely beautiful and smells amazing thanks to the flowers.

If you haven’t been to Disney during one of these events I highly recommend it. They go above and beyond to celebrate these times of year. Additionally these are just a few of the celebrations that happen. Check out the Disney Parks website for an updated calendar of events.

When should you go to Disney World?

This week’s blog post is about the best times of year to visit Walt Disney World.

Disney is great year round but some times the parks can be more or less crowded for a variety of reasons. Hotel prices change with each season and weather also becomes an important factor. If you are traveling with young children it is easier to pick a random time of year because school is not a problem. However, as for adults finding a long weekend can be a great time to visit.

January – Low Hotel Prices/Low Crowds/Mild Weather averaging 71 degrees.

February- Hotel prices can be high due to winter breaks this also increases the crowd numbers. Mild weather averaging 74 degrees.

March-Hotel prices can be high due to spring breaks this also increases the crowd numbers. Mild weather averaging 74 degrees.

April- High Hotel Prices/High Crowds/Mild-Hot Weather averaging 85 degrees.*Easter typically cause these increases

May- Med Hotel Prices/Med Crowds/Mild-Hot Weather averaging 85

June-High Hotel Prices/High Crowds/Hot Weather averaging 90 *Rain is at its highest during this time of year.

July-High Hotel Prices/High Crowds/Hot Weather averaging 95

August- Med-High Hotel Prices/High Crowds/Hot Weather averaging 95

September-Low-Med Hotel Prices/Med Crowds/Hot Weather averaging 90

October- Med Hotel Prices/Low-Med Crowds/Mild-Hot Weather averaging 85 degrees.

November- Med-High Hotel Prices due to Thanksgiving/Med Crowds/Mild Weather Averaging 75 degrees.

December- High Hotel Prices due to Christmas/High Crowds/Mild Weather Averaging 70 degrees.

In Conclusion the best Months to visit would included January, September, and October. These times of the year are before or after major holidays/school vacations.

Dining at Disney

What do you look forward to most when you arrive in a Disney park/resort? Is it the smells? Is it the sights? How about the tastes?

This week’s blog post is about the amazing food offered at Walt Disney World. I will go through each of the parks and list the top dining locations!

Magic Kingdom
Sleepy Hollow
Crystal Palace

Cinderella’s Royal Table
Crystal Palace
Be Our Guest
Liberty Tree Tavern

Animal Kingdom
Tusker House

Yak and Yeti
Rainforest Cafe

Chip and Dales Harvest Feast at the Garden Grill

ANY Restaurant  in the World Showcase
You can’t go wrong here. The food is amazing at every country pavilion. Some favorites however, include Canada’s Le Cellier, France’s Chefs de France, Mexico’s San Angel Inn, and Italy’s Via Napoli.

Hollywood Studios
Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood Brown Derby
Mama Melrose
50s Prime Time Cafe (Great Milkshakes!)

Disney is known for their amazing customer service so no matter where you eat you are going to enjoy your experience! **For those of you have food allergies do not worry! The Chefs will personally come to your table to ensure you are getting a meal you will be happy with. They are accommodating for any request big or small.

Something for everyone…

This week’s post is all about finding something for everyone to enjoy during your Walt Disney World Vacation.

A huge reason to visit the Walt Disney World resort is for the little ones in your family. They will have the opportunity to meet their favorite Disney characters face to face with an opportunity to get an autograph and picture. The smiles and excitement they will express is likely to be the best part of your trip.

Character Meet and Greet-
When you arrive at any of the parks head to the customer service office and pick up a character meet in greet map/timesheet. This will allow you to make the most of your time.

Make Over-
Both boys and girls can now have a fun make over to become and a princess or a knight at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in the Disney Springs Marketplace and Magic Kingdom locations.

They might not be kids anymore but that doesn’t mean they can’t act like one during their vacation.

Teenagers have a great advantage now a days at Disney World. The number of attractions are increasing and giving them more opportunity for a thrill factor. Rockin Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and Star Tours at Hollywood Studios. Mission Space, Soarin and Test Track at Epcot. Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, and Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom. Lastly, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom. These are just a few of the classic thrill attractions Teenagers love to ride every year.

Check out these upcoming attractions:

Adults deserve to have a little fun too and there is not shortage of opportunities at Walt Disney World.

Wine and Dine-
A popular location for adults in Disney World is the World Showcase located in Epcot. Here you will have the opportunity to travel the world in one day enjoying foods and drinks from a number of countries. 

Disney’s Boardwalk is a great space to walk around in the evening hours. There are a number of dance clubs and restaurants playing live music every night. You could also make your way over to the new Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney. The House of Blues, Splitsville, AMC Movie Theater, and Circ du Soleil are just a few of the attractions located in Disney Springs. There is convenient free parking and plenty of things to do.

Let the Magic Begin

Ever wonder why they call it the Happiest Place on Earth?

Well for starters stepping foot on Disney property can only mean one thing. Magic.

Kids will discover magic, adults will become kids again, and everyone will find there place. The smells, sounds, tastes are unlike anything in this world. However, getting there is a whole other story.

When you have a lot to do in a short amount of time planning is the best way to maximize your wants and wishes. In this blog post we will discuss the pros and cons of staying on Disney owned property.

Let’s begin with the Pros…

The Disney Experience
Staying on a Disney owned property means you are going to receive the world renowned service and amenities that are Disney. According to Carmine Gallo of Forbes.com Disney’s aims to “Make Every Customer Feel Important”. Families spend thousands of dollars to come to Disney each year and it is important to feel welcomed and special. Disney does not shy away from this and staying on property will guarantee you’ll receive the best accommodations.

Extra Magic Hours
Disney offers exclusive park hours to its on property guests. You will get to ride rides and discover new sides of the park before the general public or even after they leave. There is no additional charge for this benefit as it comes with the room.

From the time you step off the plane till your early morning arrival to the parks. Disney offers free transportation for its guests staying on property. For many families this is worth the cost of staying on property because they can skip the hassle of a rental car.

And now for the Cons…

The most obvious con of staying on Disney property is the cost. The hotels can be up to $700/night for your average family of 4. There are number of hotels just outside the gates of Walt Disney World that have the same features for half the cost.

Although its enjoyable to be surrounded by thousands of people in the parks all day long, at night time its best to unwind and relax. This can prove difficult while staying on property. The resorts are constantly busy with guests actually staying there and non-guest who are looking to walk around/explore.

No matter what you choose to do or where you choose to stay, there is nothing like a Disney vacation. So start planning and let the magic begin.